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Śląski Dom Inwestycyjny Elimar S.A.
Biuro Konsultingu EKOS

Katowice, Aleja Korfantego 71
tel./fax. (0-32) 203 38 76; 259 27 31

KRS 0000084281
Joint-stock: 16.228.000 zł
Regon 271865320
NIP 634-00-16-492

e-mail: biuro@elimar.com.pl
Management and Team
Dariusz Kruglej - President of the Board ŚDI ELIMAR SA
Dariusz Kruglej graduated from: the Silesian University (Designer of information and informatics systems) and in the University of Economics (Banking and Finance), also has a Postgraduate MBA Study in Warsaw School of Economics.

During 15 years of professional career, he was related to capital markets, directing Financial Analyses Team in the Department of the Silesian Capital Investment Bank S.A.; in the industrial & service operations, trade and production in the Main Financial Controller position of Alupol - GK Kety SA; Financial Director function - Member of Management Team in the Building Company Katowice SA; Vice-President of the Board in Capital Groups listed on Stock Exchange: Farmacol SA (Vice-President of financial and restructuring) and Rubber Bytom Factory SA - Eurofactor Capital Group SA as Director of production and financial position.

Since 2006, was related as Deputy Manager and Financial Director in Society with Investment Funds Idea SA.

He is author of many financial analyses, restructuring measures and business plans for companies in the private market. He wrote also many other articles and publications. He carried out several investment projects like venture capital on private markets and participated in many supervisory boards.

Edward Stosur - Advisor of the Chairman of the Board
  Mr Edward Stosur graduated from the Economic Academy in Krakow, with Postgraduate Studies in Economics and Industry Organization; since 1988 he is a technical expert in UNIDO (Industrial Economist); he is court expert from the area of valuation of companies; since 1997, he is property appraiser nr 2449. He has many years of experience in the analysis of economic-financial enterprises in the non-ferrous metal industry, financial analyses of investment projects, valuation of companies, development of business plans, projects of financial and operational restructuration related to the non-ferrous metal industry. Employee of: Non-ferrous Metal Foundry "Szopienice"; Project Office of the Non-ferrous Metal Industry "Bipromet" in Katowice; advisor of Management - Export Costing in the State Company of Semi products of Aluminium in Iraq.

Employee for many years of the ING Silesia Bank SA - as specialist in the Department of Increased Risks Credits; since 1994 in the Capital Investments Department, where he supervised and evaluated the preparation of operational and financial restructuration of projects for "bad" debtors, review of financial investment projects using the industrial programme COMFA; evaluator of capital investments of the BSK SA, creating business plans, valuation of the companies and financial standing analysis of the companies. Since 1990, he was supervising projects in the Consultancy EKOS, in the area of preparation real estate valuations, appraisal values and shares in co-partnerships, financial analyses of investment projects, pre-privatization analyses, including the Privatization Agency of the Ministry of Treasury.
Krzysztof Romanowski - Operational Director
  Since 21 years in the printing and converting industry. He planned and set up currently the largest printing plant of self-adhesive labels WDH,we transformed a company selling TV sets into a production plant. In August 1996 he began to work as a representative of Siegwerk Druckfarben Gmbh & Co KG where, the company achieved the annual turnover of 300k EUR. When he left the company upon his request in June 2003, the company’s turnover was over 10m EUR, with 10 employees and only one person responsible for sales – himself. He had established the company Siegwerk Polska, constructed the company’s premisesthrough its associated company Siegwerk Polska Inwestycje and held the position of President of the Management Board of both these companies. Working for Alcan packaging as Sales Director was responsible for CEE, Scandinavia, France and Germany.
Arkadiusz Paśnik - Operational Director
  Arkadiusz Paśnik graduated from the Mechanical Department of Kielce Technology University and had Management Studies at Warsaw University. Between the years 1996 to 2007, he had the following functions: President of the Board of Directors in Cefarm Kielce S.A., Vice-President of the Management Committee for the Commercial Group Farmacol S.A. and President of the Board of Directors in Cefarm Warsaw S.A.

As President of the Board of Directors in Cefarm Kielce SA and Cefarm Warszawa SA, he managed the restructuration process of their own-pharmacies network, and organized central structures for the management of the 160 pharmacies network, optimization of costs and the organizational structure. Control the daily monitoring system sales and earned profit in commercial establishments, where he was responsible for the implementation of the computer systems - KOMPAKT in Cefarm Kielce.

As Vice-President of the Management Committee for the Commercial Group Farmacol S.A, he was responsible to launch projects in these areas: optimization supply of pharmacies, marketing uniform programmes in their own network pharmacies & commercial customers and the implementation of the motivational system for commercial services.

Dariusz Kiczek - Investment Director
  Dariusz Kiczek graduated from the Economics Academy in Wroclaw and had Taxes studies organised by the Society of Banking Education.

He has a large knowledge and experience in area of accounting, finances, taxation and controlling; gained in the performance of duties as Main Accounting Officer and Director of Economics in the Cotton Mill Czesnanek Welnopol; Main Accounting Officer in the Plastics Processing Plant Formes; Financial Director CPF; Vice-President of Management of Eskulap and Financial Director of Capital Group Farmacol SA listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

Dariusz Kiczek is an expert from the financial area of companies.

Mariusz Węgorzewski - Project Manager
  Mariusz Węgorzewski graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice - Economics Department, with specialization in Transport and a MBA Post grade Study. He has 15- years of experience in the computer industry, first as consultant-seller for polish solutions in financial-accounting area and ERP systems, and then as Partner - Adviser in some large IT audits focused on development strategies and definition of the information technology concept for companies: Silesian Water Supply Company S.A. w Katowicach, BOT Power Station Turów S.A. in Bogatynia along with subsidiarys, Power Station Kozienice S.A. in Świerże Górne, Tarmac Polska Sp. z o.o. in Wrocław and Energa-Operator S.A. in Gdańsk.
Tadeusz Błasiak - Consultant
  Tadeusz Błasiak graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice and followed Postgraduate Studies of foreign trade, organization & management. He has wide experience in the development of feasibility studies, business plans and valuations of companies. Employee for years of the Main Office of Studies and Projects Separator, Projects Office of Non-ferrous Metals Industry "BIPROMET" and the following departments: Increased Risks Credits and Financing of Investment Projects in BSK ING SA. He is author of dozens of scientific publications on the economic efficiency of investment, management and banking subject.

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