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Śląski Dom Inwestycyjny Elimar S.A.
Biuro Konsultingu EKOS

Katowice, Aleja Korfantego 71
tel./fax. (0-32) 203 38 76; 259 27 31

KRS 0000084281
Joint-stock: 16.228.000 zł
Regon 271865320
NIP 634-00-16-492

e-mail: biuro@elimar.com.pl
1. Restructuring management

We have many years experience in the restructuring management area for industrial, commercial and financial companies. That is the reason why we are finding fast optimal solutions in the fields: supply, production optimization, sales and efficient financing. We are practitioners. We do not recommend our customers business plans. We are creating them, for being implemented by ourselves, in order to build the value of the company.

2. Interim management

Provisional Management relies on the fact that we can locate in the company our managers, for a specific period of time, and on key positions. In order to reduce the costs, reduce over employment; involve sell effects and improve the profitability of the company. Special kind of interim management is used to rescue the company from bankruptcy, when as a result of errors or sudden change in the environment of the company its existence is threatened. Implementation of deep changes in the company by existing directors/managers is often because of social reasons which are difficult to accomplish.
We are working professionally - and our only guideline is to improve business condition. We introduce changes and train existing managers to continue our work, or if there are no competent personnel in the company - we carry out with the recruitment.
In the process of the rescue of the company prior to bankruptcy, we take into account the possibility of engage the commitment capital of ŚDI ELIMAR SA for increasing the company capital and recharging the working capital of the restructuring company.

Dariusz Kruglej

  • As Vice President for financial cases, he carried out restructuring of the Construction Company Katowice SA. This process involved restructuration of the organisation, employment and properties (as part of the restructuring, the organisational structure was flatten). Employment, as a result of reductions and creating company employee partnerships (was created 6 companies), decreased by more than 200 people, i.e. by around half the original status. Budgeting mechanisms were introduced on construction contracts, fluctuation management and control of foreign exchange risk, too. The company again reached profitability of activities.

  • As Vice President of the Management Committee for Restructuring and Development of FARMACOL SA— he has led to acquisition of the Cefarm Warsaw S.A.- transaction with the value of more than 92 million zlotys including the restructuring of this company. As result of the implementation mechanisms, in logistics and storage area, workers were motivated and procedures were reported at the same time within the group FARMACOL SA (7 companies); contributing to reach the highest income dynamics and profit among public companies in the pharmaceutical industry (distribution area) and in the 4x increase in market value of Farmacol S.A.

  • As Member of the Board, the Financial Director and Director for Production of Rubber Bytom Establishments SA, he participated in the process of profound restructuration of this company. With the company with few millions loss, lack of financial liquidity, broken down credits by banks and debt collector executions; the company was fixed up: sales increased, profit reached up almost 5 million zlotys, deep organizational changes in the quality of the production and supply procedures have been done.

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